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15 Jun

What does a Patient Care Technician do? »

Patient Care Technicians are one of the most valued and important positions in the medical field.

11 Jun

Certified Nursing Assistants in Arizona »

There are several recession-proof industries, but none quite comparable to the medical field. Jobs in healthcare are always abundant regardless of the state of the economy.

10 Jun

What is a Phlebotomy Technician? »

When it comes to doctor and hospital visits, you’ll probably never find anyone who is thrilled at the sight of a tourniquet and sharp needles.

09 Jun

Make A Difference and Start a Career as a Clinical Medical Assistant »

Looking for a great entry level position in the medical field? Do you consider yourself personable and organized? If you are successful at working independently and pay close attention to de

08 Jun

What Does It Mean To Be A Certified Caregiver »

As a Certified Caregiver you play one of the most important roles in a patient’s daily routines.

06 Apr

Could Veterinary Assistant School Lead to Your Dream Career? »

If you’re considering attending a veterinary assistant school, like the Providence Training Institute found in the Glendale, AZ.

20 Feb

Have You Thought About Becoming a Medical Assistant? »

If you are feeling unsure about where you want your career to go, or if you are unsure of what career you even want to have, you might want to consider the benefits of participating in medic

08 Nov

Ask us About Our in House Financing »

Times are tough sure, but PTI offers an in-house financing program that allows you to get the education you need so you can find employment in a more lucrative industry.

08 Nov

What Makes us Different »

We offer several courses that are finalized by taking the state board certification exam.

08 Nov

Certified Nursing Assistant »

Providence Training Institute focuses on assisting students in CNA training for CNA courses to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to qualify for employment as a Certified Nursing Ass